What is the Test and Tagged Process in Australia?

All the electrical appliances that are sold in the market are tested and properly tagged before they are made available for consumers. When you talk about test and tag, it basically means the process of checking the proper safety of any portable electrical appliances. The process basically involves 2 different parts.

The first part is making a visual inspection of appliances for any physical damages. The second part involves testing electrically with the help of a Portable Appliance Tester. After the testing process of an appliance is complete, it is placed with a tag in order to confirm that the product has been tested. The tag also mentioned the name of the tester, the date it was tested, and the next due testing date.

Who Needs to Do the Testing and Tagging?

Most of you may wonder about the sole purpose of testing and tagging various electrical appliances. Well, this is done just to ensure the proper safety of the users in the workplace who come in contact with the appliance. This also minimizes any risks of an electrical hazard. Various industries that include mining, construction, and demolition, are needed to get their appliances tested and tagged at regular intervals of 3 months. The equipment used by these industries have to undergo harsh uses, which can easily damage them faster than normal. It is also important for you to remember that the test and tag color will also change to symbolize different periods throughout the year.

Apart from the above discussed industries, testing and tagging is not that crucial for other workplaces. However, it is the duty of the employer to take proper steps to ensure the safety of the employees and the entire workplace as a whole. This simply means that if a person gets hurt by using an appliance that was never tested and tagged, the employer will be liable for the damages caused.

Who All Can Test and Tag Electrical Equipment?

Normally, it is seen that people have a wrong misconception when it comes to testing and tagging electrical appliances. They think that only an electrician can test and tag appliances. You will be surprised to know that any competent person can test and tag electrical appliances. However, you need to undergo a special test and tag course in order to acquire necessary skills and knowledge to learn using the tester.

What All Equipment Can Be Tested and Tagged?

To answer this question, it is very simple to understand that any appliance that has a flexible cable, consumes a high voltage, and also has a removable plug should be tested properly but if you need more info, please enquire here. These include cord sets, portable RCDs, and extension leads. It is important for you to remember that electrical appliances are generally classified as Class I or Class II. Class I include all those earthed electrical appliances such as toasters, irons, and kettles. Class II include all the double insulated appliances that are normally either identified by a symbol or with the phrase “Double Insulated”. These include hair dryers and electric drills.