Why is It Hard to Lose Weight? (11 Weight Loss Tips)

Nowadays, losing weight is a trend. Most people are a beginner to lose weight. So if you are also a beginner then this article is for you.


1. Switch to artificial sweeteners

Over consuming table sugar cause weight gain. So most people switch to artificial sugars like diet coke, sugar-free tablets, or foods which claim 0% sugar.

Many studies suggested that taking artificial sugar have long term side effects. They are so worse that the company mentions it is “Not recommended for children”. So, the best option is to limit regular sugar rather than using artificial sweeteners.

2. It’s all about exercise

No, it’s not all about exercise. Exercise only counts about 20%. How effectively you lose your weight, it mostly depends on your nutrition. No fat loss will happen, even you are doing regular exercise. So, nutrition is the key to fat loss.

However, it does not mean you should not exercise. Of course, exercise will help you to reach your goal. It also depends on which exercise you do. Most people are just walking, running to lose weight. Such cardiovascular exercises should be combined with strength training. Weight training is a very effective way to burn more calories. 15min of cardio with 30min of weight training is ideal for fat loss. But again, make sure you are eating healthy along.

3. Spot reduction can be done

Spot reduction means reducing fat from particular body part like arms, belly, cheeks, hips, etc. But the truth is that spot reduction is a myth. You can strengthen the particular body part but you can’t lose fat from the specific body part.

4. Go gluten-free

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, and many other kinds of cereals. Gluten does not affect your weight loss goals. If you are allergic to gluten, then you should prefer a gluten-free diet.

5. All calories are the same

Most people think that it’s just about how many calories you consume. Whether it’s protein, carbs or fats. But it’s a myth.

All calories are not the same and each produces different metabolic and hormonal changes in your body, resulting in different body composition.


6. Drink green tea to lose weight

Green tea is marketed as a magical way to lose weight. Most people eat anything with drink green tea and think that they won’t gain weight. This way you will not able to lose weight.

Green tea is full of antioxidants and contains caffeine which helps in fat loss. But you have to eat healthy or you will not lose weight. Alone green tea will not help in losing weight.

7. Buy fat burner to lose weight

It is the most hyped supplements to lose weight. Most people think that having fat loss pills will make the fat burn without much effort. However, fat burners are a marketing gimmick. Most fat burners have caffeine as the main ingredient. You can replace fat burners with coffee or green tea.


8. Use alternatives to sugar and salt

Sugar is the main cause of weight gain. Consuming sugar on a daily basis will increase your insulin levels which cause weight gain. So switch to natural sweeteners like honey, jaggery, stevia, etc. Using natural sweeteners will balance your insulin and blood sugar levels.

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The normal table salt is made through a lot of chemical processes. Over consuming causes water retention, leading to weight gain. When you eat junk food, you will experience puffy eyes, face, and sudden increase in weight. Rock salt and black salt are better options which are very rich in minerals and serve the same purpose.

9. Eat whole foods

Natural juices are great but they lack dietary fiber. And dietary fiber is essential for weight loss. So always eat fruits and vegetables in whole, not in juice form.

You should stay away from refined grains like white flour like bread. Use whole grains like brown rice, whole wheat, oats, etc. Whole grains foods will also help in better digestion which is important for weight loss.

10. Keep back up snacks

It is very difficult to eat healthy outside. To avoid this you should keep a healthy snack option with yourself. Bananas, peanuts, dry fruits, etc are some of the convenient options. If you feel like drinking something then you should buy water or you can keep it yourself. Just don’t drink a carbonated or sugary drink. This habit will take your weight loss goal to the next level.

11. Eat mindfully

We are so addicted to technology that we rarely eat our meals without distraction. When you eat foods with T.V, your brain does not register the food you are eating and you will end up in overeating. This will cause weight gain.

Eating mindfully, you will reduce your food consumption by 50% without any changes in your diet. Whatever you eat, you just have to eat consciously.