10 Amazing Ways to Heal PCOS and Ovarian Cysts

I’m going to be talking about the best diet, supplements, essential oils, and lifestyle changes and natural treatments you can follow to help get rid of ovarian cysts fast.

Remove sugar

Now, when you get too much sugar in your diet, sugar can act as an estrogen booster, so it can start to increase the amount of estrogen in your body and decrease those progesterone levels. And that really is one of the biggest things that can cause ovarian cysts is when the estrogen and sometimes testosterone creep up, progesterone stays low.

So, we really want to focus on bringing that progesterone up, but you’re going to do that by adding in more healthy fats and reducing that refined carbohydrate and especially that sugar intake.

And we know sugar also feeds inflammation. And oftentimes when you look at another one of the three main causes of PCOS, one of them is insulin issues. So, if there’s an insulin problem in the body, to whether there’s too much blood sugar spiking up and down, it can affect the hormones. So, you really want to be careful with insulin and be consuming foods that keep that blood sugar level balanced.

Sugar does the opposite, sugar is going to cause insulin spikes which can lead to PCOS.

Remove processed grains/carbs

If you’re a person, especially you notice that you have a lot of cravings for carbohydrates, you want to eat bread all the time, bagels, pasta, anything that’s very carby in nature, starches, sugar. If that’s your craving those, that’s a warning sign that something’s out of balance in your body. Now, that can be multiple things, but that can be really related to hormonal issues as well and your body. So, you want to remove these processed and refined carbohydrates. Some big ones are any sort of white flour product. We’re talking about white bread, white pasta, white rice, also removing any type of wheat products. But wheat products still can cause insulin imbalance reactions by the body, so getting rid of those processed wheat products.

In general, you want to be getting your carbohydrates from vegetables, low glycemic fruits and ancient grains that are sprouted in small amounts. And if you’re doing that, that’s going to keep your blood sugar levels balanced. So again, get rid of the sugar, get rid of the processed refined carbohydrates as much as possible.

Eliminate emotional stress

The truth is, all of us have stress in our life. But if you are constantly stressed, maybe you have relationship stress with your spouse or your children or your family. Any work related stress or you have other stressors going on in life. There are all kinds of things that we can come and come head on with in life.

It’s not that stress is bad it’s when you have too much stress building up in your body. Now, you may have heard of a fight or flight response called a sympathetic response by the body. This is in ancient times if a bear was chasing with you, they called it the fight or flight response. Busyness in your life makes your cortisol level up.

Remember, PCOS is primarily a hormone related problem that’s connected to insulin and then number two is cortisol is another big one. We could get into DAGA as well, but these are some things you really want to lower.

So, in order to start taking care of emotional stress, what I would do is get out a sheet of paper, and you can do this on a computer as well, start listing out all of the things that are causing you emotional stress and then come up with strategies whether it’s with yourself or someone and maybe a mentor in life or a church leader or counselor who can help you deal with and start to eliminating these emotional stressors. And sometimes that’s something you can do yourself. But really start scheduling in your week, times to relax and refresh.


Something you want to start getting into your diet is more fats in your diet, more healthy fats. Now, I often say an avocado a day will keep your endocrinologist away. So, omega-9 fats are great for balancing hormones. We know it has monounsaturated fats, magnesium, potassium. These are minerals that are critical, especially for women at supporting healthy hormone balance and relaxation within the body. So, get more omega-9s, found in avocados specifically and olive oil.


Start taking a supplement with borage oil or evening primrose oil. That contains a compound called GLA. That’s gamma-linoleic acid, GLA, found in borage and even primrose oil.

And in clinical studies, this has been shown to help support the natural healthy production of progesterone. Remember we want to get those progesterone levels up.

And another great place you can get it in its whole food form is getting it with hempseed. Adding a tablespoon or so of hemp seeds to a superfood smoothie every single morning is a great way to get some daily GLA. But in terms of a therapeutic dose typically you’re one of the going to do that in a supplement form through borage or evening primrose oil. It’s great for your progesterone levels.


You have things like fish roe also known as caviar, also flax and chia. Also, my preference here is doing wild caught fish or fish roe because of the high levels of EPA, DHJ and fish roe having an ETA and these are more powerful types of omega three fats than you’ll find in the flux of fish when it comes to reducing inflammation in your body.

And a lot of women today can actually start to build up scar tissue and have inflammation within their reproductive organs. And so, you really want to work on reducing inflammation system-wide in your body and the best way to do that is consuming wild caught fish, but also taking a wild like a fish oil or a cod liver oil or a fish roe supplement on a regular basis can be absolutely fantastic at reducing inflammation and helping balance out those hormones.

Saturated Fats

Start eating more saturated fat and I’m talking about saturated fat from animal fat, saturated fat from bone broth is probably the best of all, as well as from coconut oil.

Your skin makeup specifically, a lot of times we’re using a lot of these plant-based oils and lotions and things to hydrate our body and skin, when the truth of the matter is those are actually different fatty acids that we have in our own body. And so, it does sort of a semi-good job of hydrating our skin versus using animal fats, the very same fat that we use in our bodies better hydrating the skin and I would say a similar thing.

One of the most important types of fats for us to get in our diet are healthy animal fats, especially those found in things like chicken skin, beef skin where it’s also packed with a lot of collagen.

The healthy saturated fat is great for helping support healthy hormone levels, also a big time for insulin levels, keeping those insulin levels balanced. Healthy fats can really help in balancing those out.

So, saturated fat you can cook with organic beef tallow, you can cook with organic chicken fat or things like if you’re making a bone broth soup and that fat accumulates at the top. That’s bone broth oil, getting that and consuming that on a regular basis, and then, of course, coconut oil. These are healthy fats you want to get in your diet.

Consider vitex

Vitex is called chaste berry and this is one of the most utilized herbs within Chinese medicine for lowering excess estrogen and supporting healthy progesterone balance.

So, vitex kind of helps you tip your scale in the right direction of balancing out those estrogen and progesterone levels. You can take the supplement of vitex daily.

Use clary sage

Now, when you’re cooking or whether you’re making some sort of chicken dish or Italian dish, go heavy on the sage, lots and lots of sage in those recipes. Drinking sage tea throughout the day has incredible benefits for your hormones.

Sage has tremendous benefits when it comes to balancing your hormones. Also, you can do a blend of sage, lavender, ylang-ylang, diffusing those in your house is great for balancing hormones as well.

Drink Bone Broth

Now, bone broth has tremendous benefits. One, for supporting healthy connective tissue and organ function. Also, bone broth can incredible though, because of its glycine. Now, glycine, you may not realize this, but your liver actually is responsible for a significant part of hormone production. It really is responsible for getting rid of excess estrogen in your body and the amino acid glycine, which is found in really high amounts of bone broth. So it can actually help your body detox excess toxins as well as help balance out estrogen levels in your body.

We really believe that the amino acids in bone broth are the missing proteins you need to be getting in your diet. It’s also great for supporting the health of insulin levels.

So again bone broth, one of those ancient superfoods, it’s a must in your diet if you’re wanting to balance your hormones. Now, you can buy bone broth frozen, you can make bone broth yourself at home. You can also buy bone broth in the powder form.