Flu: Try These 10 Tips to Treat Flu Naturally

If you are suffering from the flu and want to get rid of it. Then follow these 10 tips to heal your flu quickly.

Colloidal silver

Silver works in a fantastic way. It has been used for thousands of years. Silver is antibacterial in nature. It works the same way in your body, if you come down with a bad bacteria or a virus, we actually know that silver can actually help kill off a virus or cold and flu very quickly.

So using colloidal silver, typically about a teaspoon, three to six times a day, can be a very effective flu buster.


Now, garlic contains a compound called allicin which is actually an antiviral. Now, have you ever bitten into the garlic and you felt that, literally, a burning sensation? That’s that compound allicin mixed with sulfur which actually kills off pathogenic microbes which can be causing that bug that’s causing you to have those flu-like symptoms. Garlic targets it and kills it off.

So garlic, again, very powerful for allicin. So whether your flu is causing a sore throat, vomiting, diarrhea, ear infection, or any other type of viral symptom coming hot or cold, garlic works very effectively.

Oregano oil

Now, oregano oil also known as oil of oregano, is probably the most powerful thing on this list when it comes to acting as a natural antibiotic. Now, oftentimes when people have the flu or cold, what they’ll do is they’ll go to their conventional medical doctor. They’ll prescribe a synthetic antibiotic medication. The problem there is that it not only kills the bad bacteria, but it also kills the good bacteria in your gut and all of your probiotics.

Oil of oregano, on the other hand, is more selective in that it kills more of the bad bacteria not as much as the good and so you’re not going to have as many side effects.

According to medical research and studies, oil of oregano is just effective, if not more effective, at treating the flu and a cold than other conventional antibiotics. It is the best for killing the flu very quickly.

Cinnamon oil

It helps warm the body. Did you know, most often, when somebody comes down with the flu or often a cold, in fact, the reason they caught a cold is, in Chinese medicine, your body would become damp and cold when you have the flu. So we need to warm your body and dry it. Think about all the mucus production your body, that means you’re damp, okay? Similar thing, if you’re getting hot and cold and hot and cold, your body is raising your temperature. If you have a fever right now or if you know someone who has the flu, it raises your body’s temperature naturally because it’s trying to get rid of the flu virus.

Cinnamon itself is a warming herb that can help you get rid of the flu. It’s also great for balancing hormones, stabilizing those insulin levels. But cinnamon oil, just a single drop two to three times daily with some food can be beneficial at getting rid of the flu.

Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil works by improving circulation and actually expelling excess mucus from your body and actually has very powerful antiviral properties. This is a medicine that’s used often in Australia in eucalyptus oil.

Rather than taking internally, what you want to do is swish it around and gargle with it. So you can do some sea salt, a little bit of warm or hot water, several drops of eucalyptus oil, you’re going to gargle with that deeply and spit it out. Do that multiple times a day. Or put eucalyptus oil in a diffuser, breathe it in. Or put it in some hot water and simply take deep breaths in and out.

But eucalyptus is great for opening up the lungs, expelling and killing off viruses that are residing in your body, specifically in your lung tissue.


Elderberry is powerful because it is one of the most vitamin C rich superfoods in the world. It also contains specific antioxidants that actually can fight viruses as well. But elderberry, vitamin C itself, actually helps support the body in fighting off viruses. So elderberry gives your body the nutrients it needs like vitamin C to naturally fight off the flu fast.


Zinc specifically is known as your immune mineral. So vitamin C is known as the vitamin for the immune system, zinc is known as the mineral for the immune system.

And zinc is beneficial for so many things from athletic recovery, getting rid of acne, healing leaky gut, but especially getting rid of viruses. If you need to boost your immune system, which you do if you have a cold or flu specifically, you’ve got to get vitamin C, you’ve got to get zinc.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D isn’t just a vitamin. It’s a pro-hormone and it’s a natural immune booster. Here’s an incredible thing I read in a research study. They said when you consume vitamin D, whether you’re out in the sun and getting direct sunlight which is the best, or you’re taking vitamin D in a capsule form as a supplement, vitamin D, your body starts producing over 200 antimicrobials and antivirals to kill it off.


Now, if you have an infrared sauna, that’s great. What I would do is I would take some of that eucalyptus oil. I would also take some of the other essential oils such as cinnamon. I would do cinnamon, eucalyptus with coconut oil, rub it on the chest, go get in the shower, and take deep breaths in and out. Or if you have a steam shower, but steam helps raise your body temperature.

Remember, the reason why you get a fever yourself, or your child has a fever, if they have the flu, is because your body itself is trying to raise its temperature to kill off that virus. Viruses die under heat. The good news is by using things like cinnamon oil, drinking warm bone broth tea, or being in a steam shower, those things are naturally raising your own body’s temperature, helping your body kill off the virus even faster that is causing your flu-like symptoms.