10 Meghan Markle’s Fitness Mantras

Meghan Markle needs no introduction the most renowned celebrity of the time. Markle is best known for her role in legal drama “Suits,” in which she has played the character Rachel Zane since 2011. Away from the camera, she is a fashion designer and also works as a women’s rights activist for the UN’s Women’s Political Participation and Leadership program.

Every ambitious women want to be like her look like her and want to stay fit like her. Well we cannot help you to be like her, look like her, But to stay fit like her yes we can help you with this one.  Here are 10 personal fitness tips shared by  Meghan Markle.

Meghan Markle’s Fitness Mantras

Make Fitness A Priority

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Schedule a time for working out on a daily basis, like you would make a note about your business meeting, get together with friends, or haircut. If you don’t allot time, the excuses will quickly start piling up.

Never starve your body

Your body needs food to function. When you starve your body, it will start storing up the fat and even if you do end up losing weight, you won’t be able to maintain it for long. Prolonged starvation diets lead to muscle break down and create all kinds of health problems. Instead, eat everything in moderation and exercise regularly.

Keep experimenting

Repetitive routines can get boring and they soon tend to lose their effectiveness. You don’t want to reach the point of forcing yourself to exercise. Bring about some change every once in a while and try something you’ve never done before like mountain biking, or anything that makes exercise exciting.

There are no short cuts

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Quick fixes don’t work. You may think you can go on an all juice diet but that will damage you more than doing any good. When it comes to fitness, discipline and consistency are the keys. If you run every day and reduce your intake of junk food, that is all you need to feel the difference.

Challenge yourself

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Keep a track of your improvements. You will feel proud of how far you’ve come and it will help you to stay motivated enough to push your limits. See how many push-ups you can do, how long you can hold the plank position, how long it takes you to walk/jog/run a mile. You will even begin to notice the small things like you don’t hit the snooze button as often as you used to.

Focus on mental and emotional well-being

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Negativity depletes your energy levels while positivity replenishes them. When something is eating away at you on the inside, it is sure to show in your outer appearance.

Get plenty of rest. Attitude is not something that just happens; you choose it. Even in difficult circumstances, you can choose to have a positive attitude and, it will have a direct impact on your health be it good or bad.

Always choose intensity over volume

When in doubt, do fewer sets or reps, but use heavier weights. When in doubt, go faster, not longer. It is the last few reps that really count.

Set reasonable goals

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If you are 20 Kgs overweight, you won’t lose all that weight in 4 weeks. It is also vital that you choose an exercise pattern according to your own convenience. If your work and travel keeps you busy for 16 hours on an average day, you may not be able to squeeze in a 1 hour of workout routine in your schedule. Try adapting to strength training, for at least 20 minutes at least twice a week or interval training like walking or running which will help to tone your entire body instead.

Keep your energy levels optimum

Watch what you eat. The main thing to avoid here is the bad or fast-burning carbohydrates. You get an initial boost from them as the sugar hits your blood, but you then hit a “trough” that is lower than your energy was before you ate them. Carbs in this category include white potatoes, white rice, and white flour (or white bread). Worst of all, the energy that isn’t burned gets stored as fat. Instead, eat slow-burning carbs like sweet potatoes, brown rice, wheat bread, etc. I eat five or six small meals a day. This keeps your metabolism up and your energy stays on an even keel.

Love your body

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The perfect body that magazines, TV and films tell you about is a myth. In reality, models go through hours of professional hair styling and make-up to look the way they do. Besides, most of the pictures are airbrushed before publishing. Accept and appreciate what you are born with. Thank your body with some pampering for the great job it does in carrying you through the myriad of tasks you do on a daily basis.