10 Fresh Foods That You Should Always Buy in Frozen

In this post, we are going to tell 10 foods that should buy frozen over fresh.

Mixed berries

So frozen berries are because berries go bad so quickly. I buy them from the grocery store. I swear, within a couple of days they have mold on them and then I’m sad ’cause they’re expensive and I don’t get to use them all.

So frozen is great because you can just thaw them and add them to a bowl of oatmeal. You can just mix them right in and they thaw pretty quickly.

Pomegranate seeds

So these are already shelled for you, you know? There are honestly so many ways to open a pomegranate. This does it for you. You don’t even need to know how to open one and get your white shirt stained and your fingers stained, and all that mess all over the kitchen. You just buy it already de-seeded for you. And I’ve already been trying this out on oatmeal, and it tastes really good.

Pop them into a salad. They thaw pretty quickly, so you can really add them to anything that you would put pomegranate seeds on, and you don’t have to deal with the mess. So I love when I can find foods that are frozen that save me time in the kitchen, are more convenient, but I’m not necessarily buying processed frozen food.


If you wanna add this to a smoothie, or make a chocolate pudding or something like that, you have avocado already peeled. It’s ripe and frozen for you.

So I just think this is so genius, and I’ve just been loving it, and yeah. I mean, you can obviously freeze your own avocado, but knowing exactly when it’s ripe is sometimes a pain. I get it. I’m like a master at it because I eat way too many avocados.

But I mean, the guesswork is done for you, and you know that these are ripe and ready to use for whatever you need, and even guacamole apparently, so I’m gonna have to try that.

Shelled edamame

They’re already removed for you. I will sometimes buy the ones in the pods so I can steam them and put some tamari sauce on them and do the whole scrape your teeth on them like you would at a sushi restaurant. But I really like these. You can just lightly steam them and throw them on a salad, in an Asian noodle dish. There are so many uses for these.

Perfect for salads or a soup topper. I have not had these on soup. These would be really good on a split pea soup or something I bet. But yeah, I really like these. They’re just a really great little side dish to have with your dinner or on a salad for lunch. I really like them.


Speaking of peas in a pod, we have actual peas, and I think having peas on-hand in the freezer is just such an essential because there are so many things you can just throw peas into. You’re makin’ a shepherd’s pie? Peas. Oh, in pasta it’s really good, in soups, in stews. There are things that you’re like, “Oh yeah, I need some peas for this.” It’s in your freezer ready to go. I just think they’re one of the most convenient things to have on hand, ’cause you can basically throw peas into everything and anything.


You always see the mixtures of peas, corn, and carrots. I actually have that mixture in the freezer right now. But I just have some organic corn here. I usually only buy organic when it comes to corn, ’cause a lot of corn is genetically modified.

So if you’re buying organic, it should help solve that issue. I like to get corn that’s already off the cob. So this is another thing that just makes things that much more convenient and easier on life, ’cause we got a lot of things on our plate, pun intended. Or I guess no pun intended.

The same thing, whatever you really add peas to, you can add corn too, although I don’t know if I’d add it to pasta. Maybe in a pasta salad, I would. But I think this is just such a great thing to have on-hand ’cause sometimes you don’t wanna boil and cut the corn off the cob.

Butternut squash

I don’t know if they have other ones frozen, but the reason why I like to get butternut squash frozen is that let’s be honest, it’s a pain to peel. It saves your fingers because let’s be honest, it’s dangerous sometimes to cut butternut squash, and it’s just ready to go. It just makes things simple. Roast it, top it on a salad, throw it in a soup. It’s ready to go.


I love mango. It’s probably one of my favorite fruits. I love eating it fresh. But cutting and peeling a mango is a pain in the butt and the fact that I can get it already in frozen chunks to add to my smoothies or even eating these just as is, like as a little dessert. It tastes like ice cream or sorbet. It’s delicious.

You could make these into a frozen dessert in your blender with some frozen banana and make like a banana ice cream. It’s so good. Yeah, I like that they’re already, whoever chopped these did a good job, ’cause they’re always perfect chunks. And they’re just a pain to cut sometimes. I love it, but I hate cutting you.


I have some chopped spinach here. But as much as I love fresh spinach for smoothies, frozen spinach is great for dishes when you’re gonna need a lot of spinach. Because if you take fresh spinach and you put it into a dish, it wilts down to nothing.

So if I can buy already frozen spinach, it’s already kind of shrunk down a bit if that makes sense. And this is great to add to lasagna, to pasta. I usually will add it to things that I’m cooking.

You can put frozen spinach, obviously, in smoothies. I just personally like to do fresh. I always have fresh greens on-hand, but you could use this. Or if your organic spinach is about to go bad, just freeze it and then add it to things. But I just think that, yeah, buying it already frozen and condensed down, it’s not gonna be such a huge shocker when it turns down into nothing.


I think we went through them all, we have some fish. So this one’s rainbow trout. I usually will alternate between cod or salmon. Right now I have rainbow trout. And fish is something that I like to buy frozen.

Sometimes I will buy it fresh if I’m gonna be eating it that night, and it happens to be on sale or something. I don’t know, for whatever reason.

There are times where I buy it fresh, but for the most part, the ones that you’re buying fresh have been frozen and then they’ve thawed them. So just buy them frozen and then you can thaw them when you’re ready to eat them.

I personally just buy my fish frozen, ’cause we don’t live by the ocean. So whatever fish is coming to Ontario probably has been frozen at some point. So just buy it frozen and then like I said, you can thaw it when you’re ready to eat it. There you have it.