The 5 Body Types, Explained. What Is Your Body Type?

Every human being has a different body shape. So in this post, we will share about different body types.

The Apple Body Type

Do you tend to carry a lot of extra weight around your belly area? Do you notice that although you are gaining weight, your legs/lower body part tend to stay slim? If you have answered yes, then you now know your body type. The challenge with this type of body is that the accumulation of visceral fats in the abdominal area attracts a lot of diseases: diabetes, heart diseases and types of cancers.

This accumulation of fats also lowers one’s metabolic rate making it hard to lose weight and tends to make the whole body inflamed. For people with this body type, a low glycemic diet is recommended. Not only will it keep body weight in its track, but it will also keep diseases away.

Food that great for this body type are the following: legumes, nuts, green leafy vegetables, fruits, and lentils. It is advised to stay away from the following: white bread, donuts, snacks with artificial sweeteners, soda, pastries, pasta, and cookies. An important tip for people with this body type is “healthy snacking”. Not only will this practice prevent sugar spikes, but it will also prevent unhealthy binges that add up to belly fat.

The Inverted Triangle Shaped Body

People with this type tend to store fats in the upper part of their body. They usually have broad shoulders and slim lower body part. They are sometimes referred to as “top heavy” body type. The key is to choose complex over simple carbs. What does this mean? It is simply choosing quinoa and oats versus white rice and potatoes.

Aside from that, choosing leafy greens over cheeses and processed food that are high in sodium are the options. That will surely make a person with this body type loose weight. Another thing to remember is to load up on magnesium which can be found abundantly in black beans and spinach. This is to ensure that efforts on weight loss are not thrown in the garbage bin.

The Pencil-shaped Body

If you are one who has the same measurements for your shoulders, waist, and hips and has a hard time looking for curves – you have found your body type name – the pencil-shaped body. This is the skinny type of people who, when they do gain weight, tends to accumulate everything in their belly. Again, like those who have an apple-shaped body, this type of fat accumulation is dangerous to one’s health and is a magnet for diseases.

Pencil types need to make sure that they are getting three full meals a day. A plate where there is a balance of skinless chicken, for example, brown rice and side greens. Keep in mind that is is possible to be skinny and have a healthy BMI but still, have a high percentage of body fat. People with this type of body, since they are prone to being skinny-looking already, needs to focus instead in achieving a toned physique and lowering their body fat percentage.

The Pear-shaped Body

Literally akin to the shape of the pear fruit. People with this type of body carry most of their weight in the lower portion of their body. The type of fat that this type tends to accumulate is called subcutaneous fat.

The difference between pear-shaped and apple-shaped bodies is the kind of fat that they tend to have. Though the body fat of Pear-shapes is not as dangerous as apple shapes, their fats tend to be stubborn. It is harder to trim off. So people of this body type needs more serious weight loss regimens than their counterparts. To help shed off fats in the abdominal region, a high-protein, lean meat diet is recommended.

Brown rice and whole wheat bread are helpful. The consumption of the following should be avoided by Pear-shapes: alcohol and other drinks like lattes and fruit shake that load up calories instead of quenching thirst. Food that is high in hormones like chicken wings because this makes losing weight very difficult.

The Hour-glass shaped body

They say that this type of body is ideal as it tends to have body fats that are evenly distributed. Though, of course, it is also very possible for this body type to gain weight and the areas that usually load up fats are in the face, waist, knees, cheeks and arm area.

People of this body type should be reminded that they are prone to inflammation. As such, food that triggers inflammation should be avoided – dairy, processed food, snacks that are rich in sugar and salty food. Like other body types, fiber-rich food like green leafy vegetables, whole food (farm to table), and lean meats are advantageous to hour-glass shaped bodies.


The truth of the matter is, we are all born unique and different from each other. But, are connected in one way or another. Confusing as it may sound, it is what it is.

What I am trying to say here is that it is inevitable that we are born with the body types that we have. It is not our choice. But, what we can do about it is to focus on our body’s strengths and to keep it healthy. So that it may be able to serve its purpose the best way it can. As we decide to alter our diet to achieve weight loss, let us not forget the other half of losing weight which is exercise. There is no alternative to moving our physical body.