15 Early Symptoms of Liver Dysfunction

In this post, we will be learning Symptoms of Liver Dysfunction.

Excessive hormones

It’s just like skin cells you don’t have the same skin as you did five years ten years a week ago. Right your body is always making new so all these different organ systems are always making new hormones. Those hormones get used in the body the body you know does its job and then it needs to break them down your liver is one of the organs that helps break down old hormones so if you have all this excess going on it means your liver is we too burdened by other things is clogged up it’s dysfunctional. It’s just working too much. It has it’s something like over 500 different functions. So this is one this one of the symptoms or one of the signs is excessive hormones.

High cholesterol

It goes hand-in-hand with the first one. Again your body makes about 80% of the cholesterol in your body okay the other 20% roughly comes from what you eat so if you have high cholesterol. It doesn’t mean that you’re eating too much cholesterol per se it could be but it has to do with your body not breaking it down again same thing your body makes cholesterol it makes cholesterol as the base of hormones as well. So it makes the cholesterol the hormones get made out of them other structures get made out of them too cell membranes of the body are made out of cholesterol. So your body uses that stuff and then it has to excrete it again okay so if you have high cholesterol it very well could be your liver isn’t working exactly how it’s supposed to.

Acne, rashes, brittle nails, and split ends

The health of your body is directly or the outside the body is directly a correlation of the inside. So if there’s acne again skin rashes and these nails that just are brittle or soft that’s a reflection of what’s happening on the inside and one of the reasons is because the liver has to do with fat digestion. So if the fat is not but the fat is not getting out to the body it’s not nourishing those structures.

Realize to a lot of digestive issues are with this as well so people use a term leaky gut and things acne you know skin rashes think digestive system but your livers probably main job is to detoxify your bowel first. So if that whole system is overburdened now you’re gonna have issues in your hair skin and nails.

Abdominal bloating

This has to do with fat digestion. So if you’re bloated you know ash or watched you eat that could be because your body isn’t breaking down fats. It’s not utilizing fats, so your liver and your gallbladder work hand-in-hand your liver makes bile your gallbladder stores that bile. When you eat a meal and it has fat in there it goes through the stomach into the small intestine and right there it gets signaled. So your gallbladder is supposed to squirt and it goes into the small intestine to help you break down fat.

Hemorrhoids, varicose veins

You maybe want to thaw this before but again if your liver is clogged your liver is over here on the right side of most most people. The vast majority of people is on the right side there are some differences. That’s backed up the some of the veins come into this area they come into the liver. So there’s back pressure on that so it goes into the hemorrhoids it goes into the veins of the legs. So there’s too much pressure on the veins that’s why one reason why people are getting hemorrhoids in varicose veins.

Pain between the shoulder

Blades so up through here just as tremendous pain. So we can actually functionally muscle test the PEC muscles and see if they’re working how they’re supposed to most often time is there not working. So it’s seemingly like the like the rhomboids back here are tight. When actually this side is neurologically inhibited. So this is neurologically inhibited the back side then just gives hyper facilitated and doesn’t want to work how it’s supposed to so it’s almost like it’s squeezing and if we help give the body what it needs the liver what it needs to help clean itself out then oftentimes the pain between the shoulder blades goes away. So it’s not like it’s a lack of exercises or adjustments or whatever in the area could be but a lot of times it’s because the liver is so clogged up that its reflux into that area and it’s just causing that pain so pain in between the shoulder blades.

Swelling in legs

Whining the legs could be caused from kidney issues as well and heart. Okay those are all organ systems organs that go along with swelling in the lower part of the body. Liver can as well because the liver can’t excrete excess antidiuretic hormone. Again goes back to the very first one I think it was where there’s excess hormones so if you can’t excrete that you’re gonna have a settling of fluid down the lower body but be thinking kidney as well be thinking heart you know those are some of the organ systems that are starting to break down but again they all work together

Decreased resistance

So cold flus things like that when your liver is so busy doing other things you’re going to have a decreased resistance to infections okay and once we help people kind of clean some of their systems out. It’s amazing they’ll come back and they’ll say wow I don’t get I don’t get the colon where I’m getting flus anymore my kids don’t get it anymore. Yeah because your body’s working how it’s supposed to not a clogged down version of what it could be.

Blood sugar handling problems

This has to do with with the conversion so blood sugar is interesting because it’s not just your pancreas we think of pancreas all the time with blood sugar yes that’s part of it your adrenals are important for blood sugar regulation but so is your liver. So the the converter issue has to do with glucose glycogen and these different storage forms all right but just in general be thinking, blood sugar handling issues could be partially pancreas partially adrenal stress different things like that but also partially liver.

Hypothyroid Symptoms

The reason why the liver is involved in this is because your thyroid makes come two main hormones was stick to that t4 and t3 t4 is the inactive hormone t3 is the active. One okay so the hormones are supposed to work on all the cells in the body tell them what to do. So your liver makes somewhere 93 percent t4 the inactive one and what 7% t3 the inactive or the active one. So somewhere along the line in the body the body has to convert the inactive t4 to the active t3. A lot of that happens in the liver the liver makes that conversion and if it’s busy doing other things if it’s clogged up if it’s handling mercury and heavy metals and pesticides and all these different things. It doesn’t make that conversion very well so your thyroid technically may be fine but you’ll have firing symptoms similar ones because your liver isn’t making that conversion.

Tenderness over liver area

Tenderness over this right area just kind of ate all the time it’s just a weird feeling right it didn’t occur on this side at all only on the right side so tenderness over the liver area kind of gives you a signal like hey the liver is trying to speak to me a little bit.


This can happen from any number of organ systems of course. So adrenal glands heart can your heart can do it pituitary gland which is your master control. Oregon liver can do it because if it’s not processing hormones and chemicals the way it’s supposed to it clogs everything down.

Itchy skin

Skin has to do with the fat again. So if your liver make the right amounts of bile and the gallbladder can’t store that and squirting it into the small intestine at the right time and break down fat. You’re not going to get oil and fat to your skin and you need that you need to digest fat. One one way of knowing that you’re not digesting fat well for one it could be a diarrhea type situation. It could be floating stools or two that’s more buoyancy that’s more fat in your stools so you need oils and fat to your skin.

Metallic taste in the mouth

If the liver is overworked the body again it’s going to work together. So what’s going to try to get rid of poison whether it’s a metal you know mercury or LED or aluminum or whatever metal it might be that metallic taste is your body trying to get rid of something somewhere. It can’t do it in its preferred route it’s gonna try to do it somewhere else.

Yellow tinge to skin

That’s because the liver is not breaking down excess bilirubin which makes that yellowish tinge. This is known as jaundice.