The Complete Guide To Raise Testosterone In Men Naturally

So age the aging process alone lowers testosterone by the time you hit 40. Testosterone is on its way down it’s at its peaked at 18 years old. Then what happens a lot of people start taking bioidentical hormones the problem taking valid in the hormones is that it inactivates your own testicle and adrenals that are supposed to make it okay so we end up creating a problem with a shrinking testicle and an adrenal that becomes inactivated if you take it too long.

Symptoms for low testosterone

Prostate enlargement 

Sometimes people will have this confusion and say that well I thought testosterone causes a prostate enlargement and they’re talking about a powerful form of testosterone called DHT.

Muscle loss

It’s hard to get muscle tone. You’re working out you can’t get the tone toning the muscles you start losing collagen things start hanging from your body like breast tissue and the skin and collagen.

Loss of vitality

Lots of body hair even in your like lower part of your legs, man boobs, higher voice other than that you have nothing to worry about right.

What causes these problems?

High estrogen

It’s in the meets it’s in the very products is in the food GMO food that’s why you have to do organic hormone-free. It’s even in the water supply there’s estrogen if you do tap water. So that’s so you have to get a filter and only drink filtered water and most filters will get rid of the estrogen.

Liver be damaged

If you have a fatty liver you’re going to produce more estrogen and that’s going to lower testosterone. If you drink alcohol that’s very Astra genic that’s going to make the estrogen go up in the testosterone go down.

High insulin 

Insulin from sugar like grazing at night snacking too much like by the time you have dinner then you keep eating from that point where you’re sitting there watching TV. It’s going to spike insulin and it’s going to lower testosterone so you want to do 3 meals a day and that’s it maybe even 2 meals a day.

High Maritain

That’s an enzyme in your body that’s made by the adrenals. It’s also made by the testes that converts your testosterone to estrogen. So here you are trying to salvage that last bit of testosterone you have and this darn enzyme is converting it to estrogen and the body is becoming more feminized.


There’s several things that will increase growth from them eating a moderate not high amount of protein with each meal.

Sleep getting enough sleep lowering stress which will enhance the sleep.

Intense full-body and exercise that will spike growth hormone spike testosterone. Deadlifts are the best workout to increase testosterone because you’re using upper body and lower about it but you have to get your form down and work up very gradually or you could hurt your back.

Intermittent fasting that will also crack the insulin right. Here so not eating so frequent will help this as well. The hope the whole thing is this like I don’t know who came up with this idea we have to have three meals a day or six meals a day you can it want to eat when you’re hungry if you eat the right things you’re going to be more satisfied you’ll work off your own fat and you’ll need to eat less but you never want to eat if you’re not hungry.

Anti-estrogenic foods that would be cruciferous okay kale, broccoli, brussel, sprouts, cabbage. Very very important to clean out the estrogen because it could be the estrogen that’s holding down your testosterone.