The Insider’s Guide To Burn Fat

We are going to show you completely different way to approach weight loss.This is going to change the course of your attempts you need a happy ending to the struggles.

People don’t lose weight to get healthy

They have to first get healthy to lose the weight. It’s good healthy first and then lose the weight second, Why? because your weight is a symptom it’s not the cause it’s a symptom of an unhealthy body. Losing weight is actually very unnatural to the body. The body doesn’t like to lose weight it goes against its purpose to survive. So it doesn’t lose like to lose anything so the weight is the tip of the iceberg.

The reason has to do with a very specific hormone that’s holding down your metabolism there are two sets of hormones. Hormones that make you gain weight and hormones that help you lose weight most mainstream advice focuses on the calories but they ignore the hormone triggers. Instead they try to stimulate the metabolism. They try to give you an appetite suppressant.They’re trying to you know do some type of trick to trick your metabolism to some exercise but that is never going to work. Now we are going to show you the secret but The hormone that stops you from losing weight is called insulin a lot of people know this as relating to diabetes but it has another function, a huge function and it is the hormone that puts fat not only on your body but mainly your midsection it also prevents you from losing weight, it’s called the fat storage hormone and here’s what people don’t realize. In the presence of even a tiny little bit of insulin all fat burning hormones are shut down. It means that if you were to consume a half a glass of juice glass of wine a bagel even a piece of fruit, if you have a problem with this hormone, you’re not going to lose weight for the next twenty-eight hours.So when you see someone with belly fat. You can be a hundred percent sure that that person has too much insulin. So the insulin goes up a person gains weight, when the insulin goes down they lose the weight.

What lowers  the insulin?


Now you probably already know this that low-carb diets are very very healthy. So you want to cut the sugar out want to cut the hidden sugars out that does include the breads pasta cereal crackers biscuits waffles pancakes muffins. So does juice alcohol flavored yogurts fruits. Most people know that some people don’t.

Avoid combining protein with sugar

If you were going to go to a restaurant and order a breaded piece of meat or maybe it’s a hot and sweet sour chicken you know from a Chinese restaurant or like a hamburger with the bun or a hamburger with the fries or hamburger with the coke that will greatly spike insulin way more than if you eat these separated.

Lean low fat proteins

That people don’t realize lean low fat proteins trigger insulin more than fattier proteins. So if you were going to buy like a burger like some burger meat and you had 95 percent versus 85 percent and there’s more fat I would go for the fatty or meat because fat tends to buffer insulin lean protein specifically protein powders like whey protein that will spike insulin more.


Large amounts of protein convert to insulin so the ideal amount of proteins between three to six ounces.

MSG (mono sodium glutamate)

That is a chemical that enlarges your taste buds to make the food taste more savory to make it more delicious and it really is. All the fast food places have MSG in their their food Peruvian chicken. They put msg like a ton of it and so there’s MSG in so many foods in the grocery store but here’s the problem it’s bikes insulin by 200%. So here you are you consume this food it tastes really really good but then all of a sudden you notice next day you just gained a bunch of weight because it spikes insulin.


Here’s the thing cortisol doesn’t increase the belly fat directly it works through insulin. So stress increases insulin.

Insulin resistance

Insulin has become dysfunctional. It’s become damaged to the point where it doesn’t work anymore. The body is resisting it because there’s too much of it, so it blocks it. People with insulin resistance have five to seven times more insulin than normal people.

So if you were to test someone of insulin resistance they might have normal blood glucose but they have very high insulin levels but the doctors never check that you would have to test a fasting insulin test not a fasting glucose test, Completely different.

Insulin resistance is the pre-diabetic State but a lot of times it will not show up on normal tests until it’s too late you get you become a diabetic.

Symptoms of insulin resistance

Belly fat, Despite how many sit-ups you do you cannot lose your belly fat no matter what.

You get plateaued, just by eating healthy.

When you eat carbohydrates you feel better it reduces your stress you become less cranky.

A need for a nap after lunch.

Brain fog, dementia, absent-mindedness, you start lacking the clarity of focus especially when you don’t eat.

Worse eyesight, especially as the day progresses it’s like you’re at night your vision is worse.

What should you do?

The strategy is very very backwards. We’re not trying to treat a disease, we’re not trying to treat weight loss. Medicine healthcare really is the management of symptoms. They’re not getting you healthy what’s missing in healthcare is the health part. So what we want to do is you want to get you healthy then lose the weight we want to get the insulin system healthy, we want to get the hormones healthier so you have a chance to lose weight.

Can you do it with food alone? Maybe, if you would have all organic food that’s from fertile soils that you know from the farmers market or doubt the store and you can make sure that it’s grown on soil that’s very very healthy. You could probably do it but here’s the problem in the US the soils are so depleted in 1900’s. The nutrition content was so much higher in America than it is now and you can actually research that and find that things that USDA RDAs. If you look that up which I have like the nutrition was way higher now it’s depleted because the farmers have not been putting the nutrition back in.