Sleep Hack: Getting More Rest In Short Time

In this post, you will learn how to prepare your bed for comfortable sleep? What should be the environment and timing to sleep?


The first step

Many people end up wasting a ton of time trying to fall asleep which ends up adding on the time that they spend in bed. So one of the biggest things that many people don’t realize is they say “oh I got into bed at 11 o’clock but I didn’t wake up till 9 o’clock.” Now what this person might fail to let you know is that they went into bed at 11 but they literally cannot fall asleep until 1 which actually means that they only slept eight hours but they were in their bed for 10.

So the first step is for building habits that are going to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer while you’re comfortably resting.

Exercise regularly

Don’t wear yourself out but exercising in the afternoon helps you sleep best at night. So morning exercise will also help you fall asleep quicker with less trouble.

The only catch and the only thing that you want to be careful about is not exercising at night because it has the opposite effect. It increases your heart rate and your body in your muscles automatically start thinking that it’s time for them to be active so it becomes a lot tougher to power down.

So a lot of people that tend to exercise later during their day. They stay awake longer during the night and they end up waking up very tired and groggy in the mornings.

So if you can’t fit it into your schedule wake up earlier and exercise or get your exercise out of the way during the afternoon. So that way you can really power down at night.

Use a gentle alarm

A lot of people think that they need to get the most obnoxious and annoying alarm in order to wake up. But that’s actually not true. So you want to ditch the loud and annoying alarm clocks. Instead, use something that will make you wait and make the process of waking up every morning. Much more pleasant and natural. So get an alarm clock app that wakes you up to some soothing sounds.

You can also try using is something known as Wake up lights that slowly increase the lights in the room as it gets closer to your wakeup time. So this is kind of like illustrating as if almost like the sun is coming out and that might be a more natural and it’s a lot healthier way of waking up. But if you feel like your body can sleep right through that kind of lights and stuff like that then maybe you want to go more for the sounds.

Watch the bad stuff

Ditch the alcohol, Cut out the caffeine, and watch your cigarettes. These things can help you sleep but they also damage your sleep cycle once you’re out of the face. So they harm your sleep which is definitely not good. So if you can, especially on a regular basis tried to achieve an alcohol and cutting out the caffeine as well as watching the number of cigarettes that you do smoke.

Cut back on screen time

Electronic devices will really harm your sleep cycles. I highly recommend turning off all those chronic badges and devices and stuff like that about one to two hours before you do get into bed. Because when sleep occurs, but it isn’t deep when using these devices.

Meditate before bed

Meditation is a great way for sleeping better. You can try visualizing good dreams that you actually want to have. And you can also relax and focus on sleeping while trying to think happy and calming thoughts.

So that’s another thing that you could definitely try experimenting and seeing if it does any good for you.

Improving your evening ritual

Having a healthy routine every evening is great because it’s your time to wind down from the entire day of work or school or whatever it is that you do.

So you don’t want to go to bed hungry or needing to use the bathroom because then it’s going to cause your sleep to be restless.

You want your body to be very comfortable and very happy before you go to bed. So you want to practice the evening ritual that’s going to help ensure that that takes place every night before you do get into bed.


Make your bed comfortable

You really need to put your money where your time is. A lot of people don’t realize this but most of us on average spend almost 24 years of our lives asleep.

Your bed really seriously needs to be comfortable and you need to keep that in mind that you’re investing a lot of time inside of your bed.

So be sure to get good pillows a proper mattress and a great comforter and things that you feel very comfortable with and that’s going to be extremely key for you guys to get a good night’s rest.

Adjust the temperature

Adjust the temperature and keep the temperature at something that’s going to be very comfortable and conducive to a good night’s sleep. So the optimal sleeping temperatures for adults that have recently been released is between 60 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

A cool room with a fan going over your body is usually the perfect way. And the ideal way that you want to sleep and that’s essentially the way that I go to bed every night as well. So that’s the key that you guys want to focus on when it comes to an environment with the temperature.

Filter out light

I recommend putting your electronic devices upside down so lights and different things that notifications and stuff that go off. Don’t end up flashing throughout the night. You can even go as far as covering your television cable box or other lights.

Add light to your room that might not make it the best and most conducive environment for you to get a good night’s rest. And lastly, your goal is to make your room as dark as you possibly can. So sleep is associated with darkness and pure blackness and that’s why you want to focus on making your room as dark as you can with all the shades shutters and stuff like that down and closed.

Avoid distractions

If your phone is waking up with notifications or distracting you, silent or just turn it off. Purely if your neighborhood is noisy try getting a noise generator, soothing music or something that can keep it down and make sure that the sounds aren’t affecting your sleep negatively.

And this happens to a lot of people because at a certain time maybe at 7 a.m. especially people and countries outside of the U.S. crazy sounds, crazy noises honking and all this kind of stuff ends up going off in the surroundings.

So even though you’re still asleep you’re not getting the good quality of sleep so when you wake up the next morning you feel horrible like you can get any sleep at all. But the thing is that these different distractions really affected your body in your sleep patterns negatively and that’s causing you to not get a good night’s rest that you expected.


The easy tip

Wake up at the same time each day. This might be hard to do but try waking up within the same hour at the least. So if you’re if you decide your hours between 8-9 am every single day make it a goal to either be awake by eight, if not at the latest by nine in the morning. This will really help your body clock to get adjusted to a specific time. Also keeping a very consistent schedule.

A dangerous thing to do

Some people have a schedule for the weekend which is late nights and late afternoon wake ups. And that’s something you really want to avoid. And on the weekdays I’ll end up sleeping early and waking up early or whatever the case is. Do not do this, try to keep it as consistent as you possibly can throughout the week and if you’re able to do that’s basically the final step in you being able to get more rest and less time because your body will have a basic understanding of when he needs to wake up and when it needs to go to sleep.

And if it starts falling that pattern and it becomes programmed into the bodily functions and to your memory sets. It will be very successful to rest that you need while feeling really good.