Importance Of Potassium In Human Body – Explained

In this post, we are going to learn importance of potassium in human body.

We need so much of it

Out of all the nutrients vitamin A vitamin B calcium magnesium. Potassium being a mineral is needed in large amounts forty seven hundred milligrams because it’s used in all the cellular reactions. It’s also used to store your sugar in your liver and your muscle. Now let’s explain what we mean by that? Stored sugar is a good thing we need to store some sugar to be able to handle a quick release of energy and glucose being the molecule of sugar if you stick them together in a group they’re called glycogen. So glycogen is the storage of glucose. Mainly in the liver mainly in the muscles and it’s used like you know very instant. So you can regulate that so we need that.

Potassium is the mineral that allows glucose to be stored as glycogen. So for every glucose molecule you need one potassium molecule or element. So that’s one thing. Let’s say you’re deficient potassium that means you’re not going to store the glucose as well. So if you don’t store glucose your body then stores more fat. So a couple of points where do you get your potassium? Mainly from vegetables but you can can get it from animal proteins as well but you know like the Greens of leafy greens beet tops are really high avocados are very large amounts in avocados. So how do we know we’re getting enough potassium? Well one cup of greens vegetable or salads on average equal one ounce. One cup equals one ounce and you need 4,700. So you’re going to need about between eight and ten ounces. That would be like one of those salad containers or bags of salad that you see at the grocery store.

No diabetes

Insulin does control it’s like the door that allows insulin uH potassium to go into cell. So insulin controls level of potassium and when you have instant resistance you can’t pull that potassium in the cell. So if you don’t hold the task in the cell you have a lot of problems to make a long story short and make it really simple. If you increase more potassium in the diet you decrease the stress on the insulin dysfunction you decrease the need for insulin. So having a little more will actually help insulin resistance and diabetes.

No sugar cravings

If you have enough potassium you won’t have um sugar cravings because you to store the sugar and you’re good at your body you’re going to have better blood sugar levels because potassium stabilizes blood sugars. So you don’t have this dip down so potassium helps blood sugars insulin dysfunction and cravings for sweet. If you crave for sweet we know you are potassium deficient.

Sugar cane is probably one of the highest things with potassium that you can consume not one the highest but it’s very high. So there’s a lot of potassium in sugar cane but what they do is they refine it and they get rid of the potassium and other minerals like iron into molasses and they put as white refined sugar and brown sugar as a really depleted potassium deficient sweetener. When you consume this refined sweetener over here without the mineral you tend to your body almost like starts deplete it’s a potassium depleted. It’s almost like your body will start trying to recombine that glucose with sugar and starts pulling from reserves. So in other words to make a long story short, when you consume sugar junk food you’re depleting your potassium and you’re increasing your sodium and you’re increasing your fluid retention. So we cut that out you dump a lot of fluid. You can drop a lot of weight in one week. You better put your potassium back in there because if you’re dumping a lot of fluid, you need to put the hydration back in there. So you have the volume of fluid not just water. You need the electrolytes that help the conductivity.